Internship opportunities

Through the SILICON-Unicode Internship Program, a Cardinal Quarter opportunity, Stanford undergraduate students will spend the summer working in full-time positions with the Unicode Consortium and participating in the Stanford Initiative on Language Inclusion and Conservation in Old and New Media (SILICON). This program is a rare chance to contribute to the advancement of Digitally Disadvantaged Languages and global linguistic inclusivity. This internship includes 40 hours per week, 10 week commitment, with a start date of June 24th and end date of August 30th. The internship will be entirely virtual.

The SILICON-Unicode Internship Program was established to support the vital work of the Unicode Consortium and SILICON at Stanford University. This program embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation, seeking to bridge the digital divide in language representation and support the inclusion of diverse linguistic communities in digital technologies.

Interns in this program will engage in interdisciplinary projects, collaborating with experts in linguistics, computer science, user-interface design, cultural studies, and more. They will contribute to efforts such as expanding the Unicode Standard for digital text and characters, designing user-friendly keyboards and fonts, and developing algorithms for digitizing texts in underrepresented languages.

This internship presents an extraordinary opportunity to work at the intersection of technology, culture, and social impact. It offers a platform for students to contribute to the advancement and preservation of global linguistic heritage, and to the development of more inclusive digital environments.